E-Commerce Platform

E-Commerce Platform

Tech Spaceship E-Commerce Platform is a fully customizable E-Commerce Solution that was built to transform businesses into virtual online stores.

Our E-Commerce Solution offers a wide range of features covering the basic needs and advanced implementations as well. Mobile integration, facebook page virtual store, integration with a current Point of Sale (PoS) system, and lots of other services can be provided as add-on services.

The set of features available are easily customized to fit the needs of all sorts of businesses, whether its electronics, chocolate, flowers, or even digital goods, our E-Commerce Platform is the key solutions to satisfy any online store needs, following Tech Spaceship quick delivery model in design and development.

Social Media Applications and Games

Social Media Applications and Games

Every facebook page owner would like to spread awareness about their brand, increase likes of the page in order to create more engagement, and eventually make more sales or generate leads.

Our facebook applications and games come in many forms, such as:

  • Like and Win Raffle: this application enables users to participate by filling their information into a form then submitting to become a potential winner in the raffle. The page owner will be able to log on to a backend system to view the submissions and randomly pick the winner.
  • Flash Games: flash games are a great idea to create a competition for the users. For example “Catch the Fruit” is a simple game that has a tree in it and you need to catch the falling fruits from it. The page owner will have a dedicated backend system which they can log on to view the game play count with history records for each user.

Social Media Applications aren’t only about facebook, there is twitter, instagram, linkedin, Pinterest and others which all can be integrated with to create all sorts of mash-ups and other ideas.

PLEVON Event Management System


PLEVON Event Management System is a complete solution for managing events regardless of their theme or flavor. PLEVON is in its’ BETA phase and is not yet released to the market.

PLEVON can target business events, concerts, exhibitions and conferences as well, through making use of the fact that all of them share common ground in regards to preparations, teams, tasks, venue, sponsors, and other occasionally existing elements as well.

The main goal behind creating PLEVON is to help the entities who adapt it in their events, lower the costs – time and money wise – of the planning and operations team, as well as organizing the flow of operations in a timely manner with less human caused errors.

PLEVON is a software solution, designed and built on top of real event management experience, it combines Event Management, Online Ticketing, Registration and Check in Management, Facebook Registration, a Mobile Version, and much more, all developed to make the life of event managers and event management companies much easier.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Due to the fast pace development in the world of technology and mobile widespread, smartphones market has become a segment that cannot be ignored.

Smartphones and Tablets have become a tool that is indispensable for any individual, with a huge market penetration. Any business idea that does not have a mobile version in its roadmap will not succeed in reaching a large market share of users and potential customers.

Customer satisfaction is a key point which any business seeks, and sometimes all it takes is creating a mobile application in order to increase attraction and usage.

Tech Spaceship can provide its clients with multi-platform mobile applications that run on iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Android Tablets, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

The mobile applications can range from a simple news listing applications to complex mobile based interaction platforms that takes users engagement to another level.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Some solutions to customers’ needs are beyond the products and services we provide, and other solutions can be a combination of the products we provide along with a customized solution built to provide the full picture.

  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom Online Businesses
  • Automated Business Processes
  • Warehouse and Inventory Management Systems
  • Real Estate Websites
  • Car Rental Websites
  • Travel Packages Websites
  • Classifieds Websites
  • And much more…

We care about engaging with our customers, because their product or services final image and outcome will reflect on us being the ones who developed this product or service, and that is why we conduct special brainstorming sessions with our clients in order to help them bring their ideas to life being usable by the users and profitable for the client.